The Magic Book of Sentence Correction

I might be over exaggerating, but I saw a dramatic improvement in my Sentence Correction accuracy after using Manhattan SC Guide.

After reading a lot of appreciation for the book in a lot of blogs, I went ahead and bought the book. I liked the approach they followed to tackle each and every type of SC problem. Frankly speaking, I am really bad at memorizing grammar rules. This explained my weak accuracy at SC (close to 60%). I wanted someone to tell me: Look! Here a phrase is separated by a comma, look for the misplaced modifier. Eureka!!!

Simplistic yet Impactful Approach

In my opinion, the best way to tackle GMAT Grammar is to approach it as pure logic. Forget language, tell me the rule. Manhattan SC guide does exactly that. I will give you an example. I think you will agree. The most probable rule where we are stumped is when a combination of tenses appears on the test. Couple it with the IF clause, the test taker is doomed. In this book, they have simplified it to an extent that they have made a table mapping the IF clause with the THEN clause, presenting cases for all the tenses. I went ahead and memorized it and I did see a difference.

Practice Questions

They do not have any SC question to practice. Rather, for each category of problems, they have basic questions to identify the error and correct it. Practicing these helps you identify the type of problem that can appear and what the remedy is. But I really wished they had some practice SC questions in the book.

Deadly Combination

If you plan to buy Manhattan SC Guide, take my word and buy it along with the Official Guide, 11th ed. With each category's chapter, they have identified questions frm the OG to practice. So you study a type each day, and practice 10-20 questions related to that type, obviously the questions ranging from easy to difficult. By picking up one category every day, I was able to finish the OG's SC section in nearly a week's time, with, guess what, 85% accuracy. I hope it stays that way.

Bonus Tests

Guess what!!! You buy the book and you get 6 Practice Online tests for free. Not a bad deal for $17.

Well, believe me, I am not being paid my Manhattan for this, although it looks like a sales pitch. I am really amazed by my performance improvement after going through the book and I really wanted to share this experience with you all. Really, if you are worried about Sentence Correction, go ahead and buy these two books:
Now the next section to tackle is the Reading Comprehension. I really suck at that. Thanks to Neo2000, I learnt that the average GMAT for us Indians is 730!!! Phew!!! I don't want RC to screw my score.


gaurav said...


I read your blog and found it very useful. I gave my GMAT last year and scored 740. I am planning to apply this year. I would appreciate if I can get in touch with you and discuss few things.


The Teacher said...

Hi Gaurav,

Thanks for the appreciation. And congrats for your great score.

Sure it will be a good idea to share strategies while applying. mail me at nitin dot pulyani at gmail dot com.

Anonymous said...


What will be your take for the idioms and phrases. Manhattan has a very partial list. Do you have any other?


OMGparishilton said...

like your blog, i have a question for you, i have a couple of Qs for you
(1) what do you mean when you says you have decent XCs, i gues what I mean is that what realy differentiates a decent XC from a lets say bad one.
(2) When it comes to GPA, if someone has an advanced degree then will grades for that become more relevant.
(3) Do international publcations strengthen your acads?
(4) This is more of a observation: I like the resource list you have compiled.

Nice blog, I am adding you my roll.

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preeti said...

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Rizzi said...

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