It has been five days, and I am still not convinced whether to be happy for a good percentile score and think that I am still not able to cross that mental "Indian" barrier of 750. I scored a 730 on my GMAT. If I were from . . . Genovia (Yes, there is a country named Genovia) or if I had been working closely with the PM to get the nuclear deal done, I would have applied to HBS with 730. Clean sweep.

But alas! I hail from India, and of course, by chance, I am an engineer, not in IT though. 730 is a crime man!!! Below 750, you are a piece of crap. Anyway, surprisingly people have been congratulating me for my "great" score.

But then, there are positives. This is my second attempt at GMAT. My previous attempt was 3 years ago when I scored a 710. There are some valid reasons I retook the GMAT. I did show an improvement here. 20 points up. This Thursday, I came back from the test centre and was analyzing my performance/improvement. Since it is a fact that overall GMAT scores are on a rise, my 710, 3 years ago would have been a 680 today. So it is a considerable improvement. I am writing a debrief on my GMAT prep. There are a lot of things that GMAT prep teaches you. Discipline is one of them.

So all in all, it was good. No use thinking "If I could have...". Now I am free. All set to attack the apps.

Thanks to Adekku, Starwalker and Goneguru for their wishes for my exam. A late thanks though. Was busy partying after my GMAT. ;)


Anonymous said...

That is a decent score.

Finally the comforts that you are seeking in life may come true. Stay in native place, work in native place, grow in native place, and also study in native place.

Good lord! God must be crazy!!


Your score gave me some confidence and I think GMAT will not very tough (I mean what the mental barrier you mentioned).

Anonymous said...

Congrats on getting it out of your way now ! I'll suggest that you don't dwell on it too much. 730 is good by any standard. Good luck !

OMGparishilton said...

this is definitely a median score for most top schools... and it is only one piece of the puzzle.. congrats !!

Ameya said...

Good going!!! And 730 is surely good (besides you are not IT, so celebrate!)
I am still on the path to re-GMAT scheduled for 11th Aug. Any tips...?

Starwalker said...

what times we are in that someone well within the top 10%, (should it be top 5%?) is not totally saisfied with the score!

c'mmon teacherji! this is a great score, & i'm glad you were partying.... rest assured, this score won't be a limiting factor for you, in fact it will be an asset.

good job, and good to see you carry out a conviction successfully (regarding taking the test again) good call

good luck for apps

Prateek said...

I understand your concerns about low score. I scored 710 and I am feeling worse than u.
Because I have the most common profile, Male Indian Software Professional.

I am still thinking about reappearing in GMAT.

Anonymous said...

I would spend less time worrying about a 730 (seriously!) and more looking for ways to differentiate myself like extracurriculars & community service.

The Teacher said...

@anon1: Thanks. But you know, the grass is always greener on the other side. All the best for your GMAT. BTW, I'm in my home country, but not working in my home town.

@trystwithmba: Yeah I have started accepting that 730 is decent and maybe the best of my capabilities. Instead of fretting about it, I'll rather spend my energies on the essays.

@omg: You got it right. Just a piece of the puzzle. Thanks.

@ameya: Thanks man. All the best for your GMAT. As for tips, you too have taken it once. Just maintain your cool. I treated it like any other practice test. If I give too much importance to something, I screw it up. So it was a casual affair for me.

@starwalker: Thanks a lot for your wishes. Well, I do believe 730 is a decent score, 96 percentile that it. But with Indians crossing the barrier of 750 worldwide, made me feel very small.

@prateek: Hey Dude!!! Come on. Just read the comments above. There is much more to the application than just the GMAT score. Think about it. There are 94% percent people who scored lower than you. Just put all your energy in your application. All the best!

@anon2: I agree. I'm out of the initial shock now. Thanks.

Ameya said...


Can you send me your mail id or contact? You can mail it to me at: amu(dot)khandekar(at)gmail(dot)com

Prateek said...

Thanks for cheering me up. I agree, now is the time to concentrate on apps.
You are applying to which colleges?

R said...


Congratulations on your 730 score. What schools are you aiming for ? Good luck with your next steps.

May I know how many percentage of the questions did you get right in the test. I know it is difficult to remember and assess, but I am looking for a ball park estimate for comparison.

I just started preparing, and want some basic assessment of myself.

I have yet to take an online test, but I time when I solve the questions in OG and I am getting roughly 80% before starting the prep.

I guess I am looking for some reassurance.

R said...

SC : did not mean "how many, percentage" but "what percentage"


Prateek said...


My score is not 730, its 710. 730 is the score of the owner of this blog.
About getting 80% questions right, this is in Quants/ sentence correction/ Reading comprehension

preeti said...

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