How Do I Improve my Reading Comprehension

I really suck at Reading Comprehension section of the GMAT. After compiling all the tests and practice questions that I have done, my average accuracy for RC comes to 50-60% which is very bad. My CR and SC accuracy is close to 80% and I'm confident that with a little practice, I can stretch those. But I am clueless about RC and I really hate that section.

Friends, readers, please help me. I'm really worried now that my GMAT date is approaching... 17th July. And I cannot stay with an accuracy as pathetic as 60%.

Is practice the only way out?
Aren't there any tricks or strategies like there are in SC and CR sections?

Any suggestions or comments are most welcome.


Soni said...

For SC, I would suggest MGMAT's SC guide. There are great tips in there and it's the best guide for SC.
For RC, I would suggest taking notes on the long passages. Just a quick outline on the important points, nothing too detailed. It will allow you to find the information you're looking for or at least know where to go back and look in the passage for the info you're looking for.

Starwalker said...

Hi teacher,

I would suggest not radically changing anything. See we all have our Achilles heels. Whats important is that you are doing well on SC, which most people struggle with, and because this is a competitive exam, those questions get more weight.

As for RC, what worked for me was just reading the passages like articles in say a newspaper. As you said you"hate" the section, the issue may be more in your perception of ability than your ability per se.

You are articulate, and seem reasonable well-read, I can't see you having any problem with RC because of either ability or strategy. Read like you read anything else, and you'll be fine.

One final word, something I tell anyone who cares to listen.... Try doing the powerpreps again and again, they keep throwing out new questions, and are good for practice as well as confidence


The Teacher said...


Thanks for the suggestion. For SC, I already bought Manhattan SC guide and I cannot agree more that it is an awesome book. I attribute my improvement in SC to that. For RC, I tried making notes a couple of times, but midway, I feel I'm wasting my time writing and continue reading. I think I'll have to get used to that method and only by practice.


Thanks for the much encouraging words. I think you are right about perception. Whenever I am faced with an RC, the first thing I look for is the length of the passage. The shorter it is, the better. I think I have to hack the system to gain confidence :) and not give too much hype to it. Practice is the key, I agree.

Thanks a lot.

Anonymous said...

For RC, you need not worry that much. I guess it is the easiest. Which one you are looking at. Read only OG.

Another suggestion, but of course you will take the call. Why such a hurry for 17th July. IIMC -- 31st July, IIMA - 11th Aug, XLRI is yet to come up. I guess you can easily postpone a week on it (it should be enough). Well, you have to loose around 50 USD and some additional sleepless nights.


Bhavesh said...


do believe in yourself ,
it is the greatest tool to acheive it , I did it so you can also do it