Slipping the Deadline

UCLA Anderson R1 deadline is 24 Nov and my essays are still in draft stage. From whatever is in my hands (essays, et al), I think if I sit for days and nights, I can complete them on time. But without a review, they are incomplete and I do not think without a review, I would know how my essays are perceived by another person. And THAT is an important input. The other things, like my resume is just done, my first recommender has sent in his recommendation. The only thing remaining is the essays.

I know I have excuses. I was too damn busy with my work. But I do believe that if something is important for you, you will find time to complete it, no matter how busy you are.

Ok, I agree I am procrastinating and this time it has hit me hard. I have to work on this bad habit of mine.

In the meanwhile, Darden R1 deadline is also approaching (Nov 1) and I sincerely do not wish to miss that. I will continue to work on Anderson app for a while and apply ASAP as it is a rolling cycle of admissions. Darden's 1 essay draft is done. I know what content I have to write in the other two. Another big task achieved - found out contacts in Darden and Anderson who are my undergrad alumni. They are of great help. In addition, they will be my potential reviewers and the source of all inside info.

Is there anyone else in the same boat - missing a deadline?


The Freebird said...

Mate...u still have decent time with you....start now or u will have to rush into things...that could prove to be bad to ur essays.

One piece of advise, make sure that u r happy with ur essays first before sending it across to any reviewer.

All the best.

The Teacher said...

Thanks freebird.

I know I have decent time for Darden. And if I am not satisfied with my essays, I know I would not submit the app.

Thanks again for the advice. Would keep that in mind.


Oops said...

hey, ur not alone man - i missed all deadlines for my top choice schools, and am hoping i dont miss out darden now. thankfully i've got my 1st drafts out, but will get the feedback on them only in 1-2 days, so dont worry. its better to do a good app than a hurried one. thats my belief. All the best.