Darden and UCLA Progress

I started late so I have less time. I can only apply to Darden and UCLA in Round 1. I have postponed Haas and Tepper to Round 2. Many factors led me to this decision. One is obviously shortage of time. I have not yet taken TOEFL date and the latest available was 20th of Oct. So I could not have sent it to Tepper and Haas on time. UCLA's TOEFL deadline is 30 Nov. In addition, I am not required to take TOEFL for Darden as my undergrad was completely in English.

I have sent my scores to all the univs and sent the recommendation forms to my recommenders. I just have to spend some more time with them to make the understand the application process and the aspects they need to focus on in the reco. I have written drafts for 2 essays for UCLA and 1 for Darden.

It had been a long week, as the work load is also increasing and have to work on my application too. So by the time I get home, I'm too tired to think about my application. the only way out is sleep less, work on the essays in the morning, and give some extra time on weekends. That was the progress this week. Planning to complete first drafts of essays of both univs during the weekend. Let's see if I am on target.

How's everybody's application going? Do share.


Pavan said...

Thanks for the correction Nitin. I am not sure where i picked up "Bruncer", "Bruner" does sound better :) I would have committed a blunder if i ever mentioned his name anywhere in the app. Thanks!

All the very best for your apps.

Oops said...

i've got the same feedback - my essay is not really answering 'what matters most' and i'm working on it; options are:
1. i've put my career goal itself as what matters most to me
2. i might put in a personal trait (say, leadership, some values, etc) that links well with my career goal, but cant get this right yet

Hope this helps