MBA Journal Writers for has posted requirements for MBA Journal writers. This is a good opportunity for people who want to become part of the team that will share their MBA experience with the rest of the world. They need people who are, or will join, the class entering 2009-10.

For one, I know for sure that there are many good writers out there who are anyway sharing their MBA journey through their personal blogs. This will be a good platform for MBA writers to come in the mainstream. This will also be terrific for any reader who would want to read about MBA experience of various B-schools, all at one place. Sad to see, there is no journal from ISB. So let me see if I get motivated enough to contribute (read: get time out of my busy schedule here at ISB).


Aedd Karston said...

I enjoyed reading your blog

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REBECCA jones said...

It is very good that people are sharing their experiences of being in a global MBA program through their blogs. This is very useful for other students who get encouragement by reading positive things.

Randall B. Bane said...

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