Tuck did not like me

Before the 20th of December, I was eagerly awaiting Tuck's decision. Although the hope was only 5% since I was not even called for interview, a positive side of my heart expected a positive result. On hearing that Tuck has a history of admitting some internationals without an interview, I was hoping for the best. There were a lot of positives I could think of: I applied in EA round (showing that I was ready very soon), I traveled to Delhi to attend Tuck Reception (I am working in Hyderabad) and my application was my personal best at that time. I so much wanted to join Tuck.

But all in vain.

I got a ding. Without an interview. Was my application that bad that they didn't even call me to have a chat?

I checked my result on Saturday morning (IST). Before this result, I was hopeful of joining Tuck. Having an admit from ISB, I wanted that "international" experience and therefore, was more inclined towards joining Tuck. But then ISB it was. I was destined to join ISB.

Now I am not sure whether I should apply to any more US schools or not. When I got my ISB admit, I had nearly completed my Tepper application. But I stopped after my result. There are many factors that are pushing me towards ISB and away from US Schools. Some of them being the high cost of a US MBA compared to ISB's and lesser number of jobs in US for internationals in these times. Still thinking.

Maybe by this year end I'll put in another app. Maybe not. Am very confused.


Vamsi Reddy said...

Hey dude....

May be ur destined to taste the waters of ISB.

All the very best.

Anonymous said...

I think you should decide on what you want after your MBA. If you are looking for job roles in the indian market, ISB is quite a decent place to join. If you are looking at international roles , then a US or Europe MBA from a leading b-school is much more valued and recognised than ISB ---notwithstanding all the hype abt placements in indian b-schools----the jobs are not on equal footing to that of a leading US or European b-school. So decide basis your aspiration post MBA.

The Teacher said...


I've started believing it. And the fact that I did not apply anywhere else after ISB result .. . well, forced me to join ISB. :)