Knock Knock Tuck Tuck

It seems Tuck adcom take their own sweet time in going through the applications. I am jealous of applicants who are in the US and have initiated the interviews themselves. It seems like eternity since I submitted my application on 14-Oct for EA deadline.

Well, if they take time, it is actually good in one way. The final pool would comprise of handpicked people and if, I am one of them, I will have an awesome mix of classmates. It seems a couple of applicants have heard from adcom and are done with the adcom-initiated interviews, I am still waiting to hear from them.

Phone interview vs F2F interview

I would rather go in for a face to face interview with some adcom panel member or a local alum. Face to face interview gives you a chance to present yourself completely and not just your voice. If you are a pleasant personality, a slight error in your voice modulation is ignored. Whereas, in a telephonic interview, you have to make sure that your voice modulation is appropriate so as not to give wrong signals.

In addition, in a face to face interview, you get to guage what the interviewer is thinking or how he/she has taken your response. If everything is going well, you will get a feel of it and the interview is more of a conversation. I am not much of a phone person. I would rather meet and talk.

Random rambling, while awaiting Tuck adcom.

Are there many people who are awaiting adcom to initiate an interview?


Anonymous said...

Same here sir!!
I have started losing hope.. It has been a long time since the status changed from submitted to completed.

Rakesh said...

I have been wanting to get in touch with you to get some help on MBA admissions. I would highly appreciate if you could email me your contact details to rakesh DOT balaji AT gmail DOT com.


The Teacher said...


I read somewhere that Tuck sends invites till the last day of their decision. I also heard that Tuck Admissions team is planning to visit India somewhere in December (are you from India?). so they may take F2F interviews at that time.