ISB Ding

I went into hibernation after giving my ISB interview, the only school I applied to. 3 days before the results were actually released, I attended the ISB R1 admits and R2 "hopefuls" meet here in Hyderabad. It was a great meet and I was excited to study with those guys once I get into ISB.

But alas, something else was in store for me and one fine morning, when I was early to office, I got an SMS saying that I was not accepted. It really came as a shock to me and for the next one hour I was feeling, hoping rather, that it is a mistake and cannot be true. I mean, everything was in place now. Last time I had applied with 2.5 years of work-ex and was waitlisted. I screwed up my interview last time. This year, I applied with close to 5 years of work-ex and far better essays. My interview was more mature. Considering all this, I had assumed that I will get through this time and had planned everything.

Anyways, now I have got used to the fact that I will not be doing an MBA this year. Right now, am focusing on my job and keeping myself updated on the news on global MBA front. It's time to do some introspection to figure out the reasons for my reject. That is, before I get a feedback from ISB.


Anonymous said...

First of all ... i would like to say "Your blog is awesome for the ISB aspirants...and shows the real interest towards MBA"..

Any way All the best.. for the next time


Sudeep Ghatak said...

Having read ur blog on "My ISB Interview Exp 2008" it comes as a surprise to me when you say you didnot get selected. I would be curious to know that why would ISB reject a person with such clarity of thoughts.

brocasarea said...

all the best for future!..:)[ur ISB article was pretty interesting]

Anonymous said...

too bad about ISB, now i'm really curious about their admission criteria!
am i missing something here? you still have your US mba admission decisions pending right? you'll probably get into one of those, so maybe you'll still end up doing your MBA this year!

Ameya said...

Nitin... it was sad to hear about your ISB ding. Well, today I got a Darden ding (not even through to the interview!!! And I was so much hopeful). That leaves me with very very less choices (just one to be precise).
Life's not the best at my end too. And I would not be surprised if you say - Its so boring now to get back to the same old work...
Anyway, hope's left and wont lost it till the end.
Our blogs will continue to grow and enlighten others ;)


Ajith said...

B-school admissions are not always fair..Majority of people who are in there just happen to be exceptions / lucky ones / whatever you call it.. True a reject will pain you much..But neverthless, keep up that zest or motivation that has enabled you to come this far..

gyan ramakrishnan said...

You are right ....admissions committees are not always fair

then people who take help of consultants like
and others have unfair insider info

Anonymous said...

Does anyone have any idea on how is the ADCOM verifying if an applicant got the essays written or edited by a consultant ? I read on PG forum where the ADCOM mentions that they have their own ways of verifying. But if the applicant has got the essay written by a third party and then again rewrites in his/her own words (which saves him if his/her AWA is on a lower side), there are all chances that the applicant would escape attention of adcom.

Scorpio05 said...
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Anonymous said...

I had bad experience with

They are very irresponsible, unprofessional and unaccountable.
My first Shock was when i didn’t get the UCLA essays on time. I was waiting till last moment. Never heard from him. Didn’t' get my essays and couldn't apply to the school!!!

I opened dispute with paypal, and promised to deliver all essays on time in future. Here is the snapshot of my experience

MIT - I got only half of the essays.

YALE - never got the essays.

Berkeley – He never replied, never delivered. I missed deadline again.

Darden - I didn't get one of the essays.

Duke - Got them at last moment. Not satisfied with essays. It was very generic. Essay… You cannot make out if it’s for duke!!
Kenan Flagler - Go them at last moment. I didn’t use them.

Don’t get in the trap…and don’t loose ur valuable time and money by frauds!!