ISB Essays, 2007-08 Application Year

The Application to ISB for 2008-09 batch is open. The essay topics for this year are quite uniquely structured I must say, although the purpose still remains the same. They are:

1. The ISB culture stresses on a diverse mix of students; life at the ISB is a unique experience for the students. How will your candidature contribute to this culture at the ISB? (300 words max)

A million dollars or knighthood: what would you choose and why? (300 words max)

You have a new manager who has just joined your organisation. As a part of the handover, the outgoing manager is describing each person reporting to him. How do you think the outgoing manager will describe you to the incoming manager? (300 words max)

4. (Optional)
Please provide additional information, if any, that will significantly affect the consideration of your application to the ISB. Please do not repeat information which has already been stated elsewhere in the application. You may use this to clarify any breaks in education/work, inform about any other item which you think has not been covered elsewhere etc. (300 words max)

I would like to have a healthy discussion with my readers as to what are the expectations of each essay and what we should and what we should not write in each essay.


Sushant said...

i would like to discuss about the expected contents of the ISB essays - My idea of essay 1 - the academic and professional background of the applicant along wid an account of extra curriculars if any...pls let me know if anything else more specific is expected..basically how to make these essays catchy? the content can make or break the applicant's candidature...Thanks --sushant

The Teacher said...

Hi Sushant,

I don't think that mentioning professional background in essay 1 would be a good idea as those should be covered in essay 3.

Be very careful that you do not repeat any information in the essays. This would be good considering the 300 word limit in which we have to tell them a whole lot of things about us.

haps said...

Hi guys,
that’s a very important point by 'The Teacher' - essay 3 would be entirely about your role and achievements in the current organization. So, essay 1 should avoid repetition of the same.

The key to attack essay 1 lies in the question – “how DIVERSE are you?”. Try to approach it in such a way that not a single word should match that of another applicant. Here, IT people like me are doomed!! But of course some differentiating factors in the current organization can be used here.

What about essay 2 – it looks tricky to me as well just because it’s so obvious. How r u gonna handle this?

vibranture said...

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