GMAT Verbal Tip: Coordinating Conjunctions

Usage of conjunction comes handy usually in the sentence correction section of the GMAT, which undoubtedly is the most difficult section (popular opinion) of GMAT. In addition, this article would also be handy and useful in writing. Found an article on Coordinating Conjunctions, sharing with all:

Coordinating conjunctions are some of the handiest, dandiest words in the English language. Essentially, they help us string our thoughts together in a way that is complex and meaningful, and without them writing would be very short and choppy.

You can remember the coordinating conjunctions by memorizing the word:

FANBOYS = for, and, nor, but, or, yet, so

Coordinating conjunctions are used between independent clauses, and paired with a comma. For example, the following sentences can be combined with a coordinating conjunction:

This place has the worst food I have ever tasted. I will never eat here again.

Combined with a comma and coordinating conjunction:

This place has the worst food I have ever tasted, so I will never eat here again.

Some other examples:

  • I love you, but I can not marry you.
  • I want to go to the store, and I want to go to her birthday party.
  • He had not known her long, yet he felt very close to her.

Coordinating conjunctions are some of the most commonly used words and very easily misused by leaving out a comma or putting it in the wrong place. Be mindful that the parts you join are complete sentences that can stand alone.


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